herrogfruløken goes asian!


We don’t only travel, hike and shoot photos – we also love to cook. This summer, Helge came up with the idea that we could do weekly food projects throughout the late summer and fall. The thought was to get to know different continents and countries through their cuisine, and since we’re bound for Southeast Asia for our honeymoon the obvious first choice was asian food! Planning the weeks menu was a challenge – there are too many things to choose from! We decided to play it safe and make some of our restaurant favourites, and some very typical dishes that we’ve heard a lot about. This weeks menu:

  • Chicken with cashews and noodles
  • Fried rice with pork and shrimp
  • Thai red curry soup with codfish
  • Pad thai with chicken
  • Home made crispy springrolls (vietnamese style)
  • Crispy duck with Hoisin sauce and fresh vegetables and herbs
  • And for dessert (every week needs a sweet treat): chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream and roasted coconut flakes

Turns ut, this project is a lot of fun! We’ve spent so much time in the kitchen this week, and the fridge is stocked up with new ingredients that we will have to find use for the coming weeks as well – but all in all it’s been a great experience.

Below are pictures from our Saturday dinner.

Our next food project is “Eating our week through the USA”. Stay tuned!


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