#herrogfruløken in Bangkok


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We spent the first three days of our honeymoon in Thailand hectic capital, Bangkok. What a city!

The extreme traffic (got stuck in it twice), skyscrapers, shopping malls and the delicious smell from street food stalls – combined with quiet parks, beautiful Buddhist temples and a true tropical climate makes for a diverse and vibrant city escape. But, truth be told, we were shocked when we first arrived. I don’t think any of us had expected the city to be that… MUCH of everything as it is. And when we walked upon Nana plaza (“the worlds largest adult playground”) during the first hour after we checked in to the city, we didn’t really know what to think.

Luckily, Bangkok is not all about adult playgrounds. We joined Grasshopper adventures for a great guided bike tour to the city’s old town and temples, including a visit to a flower marked. There we were encouraged to give Bangkok’s street food a try. I only have one word for it. Aroy! And we didn’t get food poisoning either.

Day two started with an extreme need for sleep, so we got out and about quite late. Due to the high temperature and humidity, we decided to make our first stop Lumpini park – Bangkok’s Central Park. It’s a green oasis in the middle of busy streets and concrete and has both exercise areas, playgrounds (for kids this time) and lakes with lizards and turtles! Afterwards we did a Greg Tour (the app) that took us to a bunch of interesting places. We even snook into a couple of amazing luxury hotels.

One recommendation that we read a lot was to see the Jim Thompson house/museum. It was a worthwhile visit and gives you an interesting look at an old Thai house, with beautiful antiques in every room. The story about Jim Thompson is also very intriguing, especially since he disappeared without a trace several decades ago.

We ended the day in Chinatown, where we sampled some amazing food and filled up the camera with great shots. Highly recommended!

Day three actually got of to a semi-early start and headed back to the old town for temple hopping. The grand palace is well worth a visit, but remember to wear long trousers as using shorts covering the knees is not good enough (Helge learned this the hard way…).

The day ended with a visit to Long Table – a great bar / restaurant on the 25th floor with an amazing terrace and view of the city.

Below are some pictures from our stay in the Thai capital;  everything from a visit to Chinatown to our last night at a rooftop bar. Enjoy!

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