Recover a formated Fujifilm memory-card for free!

I imagine that by the time you read this, you’ve been googling frantically for a few hours, downloading a bunch of  “shareware” software (that may or may not infect your PC and send all your passwords to the Russian mafia) that all seem to maaaybe work – but you have to get your credit card out to actually find out. That’s at least how I spent my time this morning, after ejecting and formatting my 32GB SD-card before actually verifying that Lightroom had copied across my images.


Along comes PhotoRec, a super simple, free, command-line based tool. Although some might be a little put of by the latter, don’t. The tool features a wizard that ask you to pick  source and destination folder, choose the file-system (for Fujifilm and most others, choose FAT) and then hit “Search”. As PhotoRec does it’s job it will add photos to your output-folder continually, unlike the other tools which will provide you a list of files after a 30 minute scan and tell you to input your card-details in order to attempt a recovery. The relief I felt as the pictures started appearing is hard to describe. Simply try it for yourself.  Only thing left to do now is to attempt uninstalling the nine other tools I tried, including their bundled “virus scanners”, toolbars and  system optimizers.


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