We have arrived!

After a fairly comfortable flight, but with not getting much sleep, we have arrived in Bangkok. The Boeing Dreamliner did not disappoint, and we especially enjoyed the larger windows (with dimming) and the noticeable more humid air. We are ready to start the first experiences – which is getting to our hotel. Either using the […]

Italian Week kick off: Prosciutto Melon, Pizza and homemade pistachio ice cream

We’ve just kicked off  our Italian week with a simple but tasty three-course meal: Prosciutto ham and honeydew melon as a starter. Two types of pizza for the main course; One with PRosciutto San Daniele and Buffalo Mozzarella. The other with spicy salami and Portobello mushrooms. For dessert we made pistachio ice cream with chocolate sauce and […]

herrogfruløken goes asian!


We don’t only travel, hike and shoot photos – we also love to cook. This summer, Helge came up with the idea that we could do weekly food projects throughout the late summer and fall. The thought was to get to know different continents and countries through their cuisine, and since we’re bound for Southeast Asia for […]

Helge visits USA

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a few major cities in USA; New York, Las Vegas and San Fransisco. Although this trip was mainly for work, I managed to sneak in a few hours of photography. New York This was my first trip to New York and it’s a city I definitely want to visit again […]